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Bring Back
Your Joy


About 70% of your immune system is located in the digestive system!
Make the first step: Go dairy-free.

Who is this program for

Benefits of dairy-free living

Improve your mood &
feel better
Relieve bloating, gas,
stomach pain & diarrhoea
Boost your energy
Reduce symptoms of asthma or autoimmune diseases
Clear your skin
Lose weight
Get stronger bones
Enjoy your milk, chocolate & cheese again
Sleep better
Please be aware that results vary from person to person.

What you will get

Save time & money
Cheat sheets: pantry reboot, food swaps, restaurant tips and shopping & nutrition guides.
Enjoy variety
30 dairy-free recipes to learn how to turn your favourite meals and snacks dairy-free.
Be in control
Set your own pace & access your course, videos and recipes any time, from anywhere.
Stay up to date
Access the latest dairy-free, science, literature & new favourite products.
Get a helping hand
Access your personal support & community of like-minded people.
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What others say

Karen A.
I feel inspired and at the same time empowered to prepare delicious recipes that not only I love, but my family love also.
Alfred K.
No more midnight colic and abdominal pain. I can finally enjoy food again and already feel much better.
Anni A.
Within a month I lost 4 kg and still counting. I have more power and am filled with energy.
Please be aware that results vary from person to person.

Whip up quick & yummy dairy replacements

Access 30 easy recipes that will blow your taste buds, impress your friends & family and help you turn your favourite recipes into dairy-free versions. #NothingToMissOutOn

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Bonus: Your Dairy-free Kickstarter ebook

  • 60+ quick & yum recipes
  • mylks, cheeses, spreads, dips, breakfast, smoothies & desserts
  • 20 cheat sheets, checklists & frameworks
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